Mittwoch, April 13, 2016


Am Dienstag habe ich mich spontan für die Biographie eines Jazz-Musikers entschieden und wir haben auch eine CD dieses Musikers. Und was ich bisher so gelesen habe, hat er mit vielen bekannten Jazz-Musikern gespielt, ist allerdings auch leider sehr jung gestorben.
Mein derzeitiges Buch:

Walk Tall
The Music & Life of Julian "Cannonball" Adderley

Description: Cannonball Adderley introduces his 1967 recording of "Walk Tall", by saying, There are times when things don't lay the way they're supposed to lay. But regardless, you're supposed to hold your head up high and walk tall. This sums up the life of Julian Cannonball Adderley, a man who used a gargantuan technique on the alto saxophone, pride in heritage, devotion to educating youngsters, and insatiable musical curiosity, to bridge gaps between jazz and popular music in the 1960s and '70s. His career began in 1955 with a Cinderella-like cameo in a New York nightclub, resulting in the jazz world's looking to him as the New Bird, successor to the late Charlie Parker. But Adderley refused to be typecast. His work with Miles Davis on the landmark Kind of Blue album helped further his reputation as a unique stylist, but Adderley's greatest fame came with his own quintet's breakthrough engagement at San Francisco's Jazz Workshop in 1959, which launched the popularization of soul jazz in the 1960s. With his loyal brother Nat by his side, along with stellar sidemen such as keyboardist Joe Zawinul, Adderley used an engaging, erudite personality as only Duke Ellington had done before him. All this and more are captured in this engaging read by author Cary Ginell.

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