Freitag, November 10, 2017

Zugreise nach Istanbul

Nach Agatha Christie's Reise mit dem Orient Express, die in Istanbul begonnen hat, geht es dieses Mal mit Graham Greene von Ostende nach Istanbul. Hercule Poirot sitzt zwar nicht im "Stamboul Train", aber immerhin auch ein Mann mit einem bemerkenswerten Schnurrbart. Bisher gefällt mir die Reise sehr gut, wir sind aber erst kurz nach Köln.
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Orient Express

Description: "The purser took the last landing-card in his hand and watched the passengers cross the wet quay, over a wilderness of rails and points, round the corners of abandoned trucks."

As the Orient Express hurtles across Europe on its three-day journey from Ostend to Constantinople, its voyage binds together the lives of several of its passengers in a fateful interlock. The menagerie of characters includes Coral Musker, a beautiful chorus girl; Carleton Myatt, a rich Jewish businessman; Richard John, a mysterious and kind doctor returning to his native Belgrade; the spiteful journalist Mabel Warren; and Josef Grunlich, a cunning, murderous burglar.

What happens to these strangers as they put on and take off their masks of identity and passion, all the while confessing, prevaricating, and reaching out to one another in the "veracious air" of the onrushing train, makes for one of Graham Greene's most exciting and suspenseful stories. Originally published in 1933, Orient Express was Greene's first major success. This Penguin Deluxe Edition features an introduction by Christopher Hitchens.

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