Samstag, September 13, 2008

Mein Neues

Aus finanziellen Gründen habe ich mir heute kein Buch gekauft - dabei gäbe es bei Hintermayer soviele neue Taschenbücher, meist vom dtv-Verlag...
Zu lesen werde ich heute Abend mit diesem Buch beginnen:

Bindies & Brides

Synopsis: Having escaped an unhappy arranged marriage, Zarleena Shankar is beginning to pick up the pieces of her life. With her success of her Indian bridal wear shop, "Bindis & Brides", she's proving herself an astute businesswoman. Someone who can stand on her own feet.,Someone who can survive without a man.
So when she meets Joel Winters in her local supermarket, Zarleena remains immune to the handsome playboy's charms. She doesn't need another man to wreck her life. Besides, Joel isn't interested. With his penchant for blue-eyed blondes, he's blind to the sex appeal of dark-eyed Zarleena.
But the two become firm friends - and Zarleena certainly needs a friend when her abusive ex-husband turns up, intent on causing trouble. Together, Zarleena and Joel plan a spectacular revenge on the man who wants to bring her down. Will they succeed? Will the bullying Armin get his comeuppance? And will romance ever blossom between this mismatched pair of schemers?

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