Montag, Januar 01, 2007

das erste Buch in 2007

ist Paul Auster's: The Brooklyn Follies

"I was looking for a quiet place to die. Someone recommended Brooklyn, and so the next morning I traveled from Westchester to scope out the terrain..."

So beginns Paul Auster's remarkable new novel, The Brooklyn Follies. Set against the backdrop of the contested US election of 2000, it tells the story of Nathan and Tom, an uncle and nephew double-act. One in remission from lung cancer, divorced, and estranged from his only daughter, the other hiding away from his once promising academic career, and life in general.

Having accidentally ended up in the same Brooklyn neigbourhood, they discover a community teeming with life and passion. When Lucy, the little girl who refuses to speak, comes into their lives there is suddenly a bridge from their pasts that offers them the possibility of redemption. Infused with character, mystery and humour, these lives interwine and become bound together as Auster brilliantly explores the wider terrain of contemporary America - a crucible of broken dreams and of human folly.

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