Montag, August 14, 2017

Buch für Buch

Mein neues Buch ist wieder ein Buch indem es um Bücher, die Liebe zum Lesen und zum Lernen geht und obwohl ich noch nicht sehr viel gelesen habe, begeistert es mich wieder. Von diesem Autor werde ich mir sicher noch mehr Bücher zum Thema Bücher kaufen.
Meine neue Lektüre:

Michael DIRDA
Book by Book
Note on Reading and Life

Description: While books contain insights into our selves and the world, it takes a conversation - between the author and the reader, or between two Readers - to bring them fully to life. Drawing on sources as diverse as Dr. Seuss and Simone Weil, P. G. Wodehouse and Isaiah Berlin, Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Michael Dirda shows how the wit, wisdom, and enchantment of the written word informs and enriches nearly every aspect of life, from education and work to love and death.
Organized by significant life events and abounding with quotations from great writers and thinkers, Book by Book showcases Dirda's capacious love for and understanding of books. Favoring showing as much as telling, Dirda draws us deeper into the classics, as well as lesser-known works of literature, history, and philosophy, always with an eye to how we might better understand our lives.

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