Freitag, September 15, 2017

Shakespeare's Frauen

Nach dem amüsanten Liebesroman habe ich mich wieder für Literaturtheorie entschlossen. In meinem neuen Buch geht es um die Entwicklung der Frauenrollen in Shakespeares Stücken. Ich habe bisher zwar erst etwas über 50 Seiten gelesen, bin aber richtig begeistert und freue mich auf das Weiterlesen - und darauf, wieder einmal ein Shakespeare-Stück zu lesen. "The Tempest" wäre gut, weil ich ja die moderne Fassung (Hag-Seed von Margaret Atwood) auch schon auf meinem SUB liegen habe.
Meine Lektüre:

Women of Will
The Remarkable Evolution of
Shakespeare's Female Character

Description: Women of Will is a fierce and funny exploration of Shakespeare’s understanding of the feminine. Tina Packer, one of our foremost Shakespeare experts, shows that Shakespeare began, in his early comedies, by writing women as shrews to be tamed or as sweet little things with no independence of thought. The women of the history plays are much more interesting, beginning with Joan of Arc. Then, with the extraordinary Juliet, there is a dramatic shift: suddenly Shakespeare’s women have depth, motivation, and understanding of life more than equal to that of the men.
 As Shakespeare ceases to write women as predictable caricatures and starts writing them from the inside, his women become as dimensional, spirited, spiritual, active, and sexual as any of his male characters. Wondering if Shakespeare had fallen in love (Packer considers with whom, and what she may have been like), the author observes that from Juliet on, Shakespeare’s characters demonstrate that when women and men are equal in status and passion, they can—and do—change the world.

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