Sonntag, Oktober 05, 2008

The Man Booker Prize

Nachdem in knapp 10 Tagen ja schon der neue Booker-Prize-Preisträger feststehen wird, beginne ich heute Abend mit der Gewinnerin bzw. dem Gewinnerbuch des Jahres 2006:

The Inheritance of Loss

Synopsis: In the foothills of the Himalayas sits a once grand, now crumbling house - home to three people and a dog. There is the retired judge dreaming of colonial yesterdays; his orphaned granddaughter Sai who has fallen for her clever maths tutor; the cook, whose son Biju writes untruthful letters home from New York City; and Mutt, the judge's beloved dog. Around the house swirls mountain mist - but also the forces of revolution and change. For a new world is clashing with the old, and the future offers both hope and betrayal ...

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