Sonntag, April 08, 2007

Krimi aus Istanbul

Heute werde ich mit dem Krimi einer englischen Autorin beginnen, der in Istanbul spielt und einen türkischen Hauptkommissar als Protagonisten hat.
Barbara Nadel
Book Description: Barbara Nadel is the Donna Leon of Istanbul, selling to fans of Leon and of Michael Dibdin in rapidly increasingly numbers ...
Synopsis: An ancient city, the oldest profession and a very modern crime...The body of a teenage girl is discovered in a cistern deep below the city of Istanbul. For the Turkish police force's most idiosyncratic and talented officer, A etin Ikmen, this is a difficult case. The girl was his daughter's friend and her attire, that of a nineteenth-century Ottoman, offers no easy explanation. With his promise of justice to the dead girl's mother still fresh on his lips, Ikmen is taken off the case. He's reassigned to the kidnapping of an ageing movie star's wife. The star is hiding something and so, Ikmen fears, are his superiors. A powerful secret exists in the labyrinthine city, one which those on either side of the law will do anything to prevent escaping. But for Ikmen, there's no choice, only the truth.

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